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Unicor of Albuquerque New Mexico
UNICOR • Preserving our planet
New Mexico's premiere recycling & on-site, secure shredding company featuring secure document destruction programs to help you streamline your recycling efforts

Get with the program!

Unicor is Your Recycling and Secure Shredding Experts


Find Balance Between Environment and Economics

Reduce your costs and waste with our Corporate Sustainability Solutions.

Unicor LLC understands that clients need to find a balance between global economic pressures and environmental imperatives in order to develop a more sustainable future for their companies. Our Corporate Sustainability Solutions help develop that balance between economic and environmental forces, giving companies the tools to operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and turn their waste challenges into sustainable resources.

We will meet or beat competitors pricing!!

Start your office on a green program. Trust your sensitive documents with us.

Unicor is a recycling and secure shredding company that serves a wide range of clients from businesses with small office settings to global manufacturers with large production facilities. We create and implement recycling and secure document destruction programs to help clients streamline their recycling efforts. Through our shredding services, we promise the highest level of security when it comes to shredding services and destroying your sensitive documents and materials.

Contact Unicor LLC for best deals on paper shredding. Take a step ahead towards a cleaner city!

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